Trampoline Park Activities



Axtion Air Jump & Sports offers Dothan, Alabama and the surrounding area with the best trampoline activities. From Laser Tag, a Ninja Course, Dodge Ball, to a Ropes course; we’ve got what your kids crave!

Laser Tag Action

Come alone or with a group of friends. $7.49 per game or $19.99 for 3 games! Birthday party child gets a free laser tag game and party laser tag add on for guests at $4 each.

Trampoline Jump

Bring outdoor fitness and adventure inside!

Jumping on trampolines can improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. Other benefits can include improved balance, increased leg strength, core strengthening, enhanced coordination, better performance in sports that require multidirectional movement and last but not least – weight loss! For the serious jumpers (calling all local stuntmen, daredevils and acrobats), take it to the next level with our Olympic tramps and high walls!

Axtionmen vr 02

Virtual Reality

Experience the world like never before! VR allows you to step inside the screen and become fully emersed in a whole new universe.

With the purchase of a 2 hour park ticket, you get 10 minutes FREE! Alone, VR tickets are $5 for 5 minutes, $10 for 10 minutes, and $20 for 30 minutes (including tax!).

Climbing Walls

Track your climb time and reach new heights! Face Off against a friend on our clear wall or set your own PR (personal record)! Kids and adults can choose from 14 climbing activities reaching up to 26 feet. Feeling extra adventurous? Take the Leap of Faith Challenge!

Climbing combines cardio and strength into a single workout, and it boosts your heart rate while building muscle and developing stamina. The route a climber takes to get to the top requires problem solving skills while improving flexibility, strength and energy. Not only does Climbing reduce stress, but it also improves mental health! Enjoy the adventure as you are securely harnessed to make your way safely up each wall. What are you waiting for?

Foam Pit

Enjoy a soft landing in a Sea of Foam – the perfect spot to practice your flips, twists or other Axtion-Packed acrobatics! Using the foam pit improves body tone and exercises your full range of muscles in your body. Bonus Axtion – getting out of our foam pit will build strength and can facilitate weight loss!

Slam Dunk & Jump Shot

Practice your technique and skill and FLY like a pro! Improve your cardiovascular condition and leg strength with basketball fun fitness on our trampolines! Regular basketball combined with our trampoline park brings a whole new meaning to slam dunk!

Trampoline Dodgeball

An Axtion-Packed old school favorite! Increase your agility and balance plus improve your strength, hand-eye coordination and flexibility while having team fun on our trampolines.  We brought together two fun and exciting sports for trampoline dodgeball!

Ropes Course

Learning the ropes has never been more Axtion-Packed! This gravity-defying high air adventure tests your balance and agility from a bird’s eye view of the park. Push through each obstacle and enjoy the adventure as you are securely harnessed to make your way safely through the course. Our intense ropes course offers you the best jump park experience to the Wiregrass area!

Ninja Course

Do you have what it takes to be an Axtion Ninja? Improve upper body strength, balance and coordination. Practice, practice, practice to master your skills and endurance so YOU CAN BECOME AN AXTION NINJA WARRIOR! Our trampolines combined with our Ninja Course offers you the ability to test your coordination and strength all while having fun at the jump park!

Plus AXTION eats café and Good Times retro arcade!

Need to refuel? Grab a drink or Icee then jump back in Axtion! If your time is up, you don’t have to miss out on the Axtion. Stay and enjoy a snack or meal while people watching and enjoying our state of the art sound system and multiple TVs. Don’t forget to stop by Good Times retro arcade before leaving – Galaga is waiting!


Indoor Park Programs

Axtion 39

Kiddo Axtion

Jump for Joy! Kiddos can build confidence, have stronger self-esteem, more energy and a better memory while having fun at our local jump park. Kiddo Zone allows parents to sit back and enjoy the Axtion atmosphere with multiple TV’s and great music or grab a bite at our café. Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Bring your little ones to Kiddo Time and take full advantage of the entire trampoline park.

Exercise helps kids and adults achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Regular physical activity like jumping on trampolines helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints plus exercise improves the quantity and quality of sleep. A win -win for parents and kids!

Kiddo Time (ages 6 & under):

Tuesday & Thursday: 10 AM – 12 PM
Saturday: 10 AM- 12 PM

Neon Nite

Axtion After Dark – every Friday and Saturday night, let’s GLO crazy with our unique state of the art Neon Nite blacklight arena experience! Don’t forget to wear WHITE or NEON! Come experience the glowing jump park on these nights for a great time of extreme jumping and sports activities.

Neon Night at Trampoline Park
Trampoline Park Activites

Sensory Night at the Jump Park

A special evening for children and families living with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD, ADHD, and other sensory disorders. These VIPs can enjoy all of the fun activities we have to offer in a safe, family-friendly environment. We won’t play loud music or use whistles during this time, and our staff will be available to assist in a variety of ways. Axtion Air is the best attraction in our local area for those affected by sensory disorders. Tickets are only $9.99 per guest for 2 hours for this special event! Bring a Buddy and they can jump free!

Check our Facebook for our next Sensory Night!

Jump Park Spirit Night

Spirit Night

Monday through Thursday, any church, school, team, band, charitable organization, etc can book a Spirit Night as a fundraising opportunity. Utilize our trampoline park for your organization’s benefit! We will give 50% of ticket proceeds (for 1.5 hours or greater jump passes) to all guests who mention the promotion back to the sponsoring organization! Our park is a one-of-a-kind attraction for Dothan!

Afterschool Trampoline Program

AXTION AIR is the place to be after school! Let your kids burn off extra energy in the afternoons.  The cost is only $59 per week. This program is available for kids aged 6 and up. Transportation from all DCS Middle / Elementary Schools is available. Parents can pick up their kids at 6:30 PM. We offer homework assistance & healthy snacks/drinks included. Sign up today by calling 334-446-5175 or visit us at our location: 3525 Ross Clark Circle.

Afterschool trampoline Program

Daily Specials


Monday Madness

Get a 3 Hour Jump Pass for $15.99!

Ten Dollar Tuesday

It’s just $10.99 for a 2 Hour Jump Pass, pizza, and a drink! (parties of 4 or more)

Hump Day / Jump Day

Wednesdays, enjoy a 2 Hour Jump Pass, pizza & a drink for $15.99 per person!

Triple Play Thursday

Play the day away with a 2 Hour Jump Pass, a game of laser tag, and a drink for just $19.99!

Service Discount

All Military, Firemen, Police and EMS are always 10% off.

Homeschool Days & Field Trips For Trampoline Action
(During the School Year Only)

From noon to 3PM Monday – Friday.

Other days and times are available on request. Reservations are not required but are recommended for large groups.

Groups larger than 25 may make reservations outside of normal operating hours. Call us at 334-446-5175

Homeschool Days: 

Time set aside just for homeschooled students!  Students enjoy time with fellow homeschoolers while parents can take a break and mingle with each other. $9.99 per child

Field Trips: 

Take your class on a field trip they’ll never forget! Just $10.99 per student (includes AXTION grip socks). Teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers jump for FREE! Add a meal deal for just $5.50 per student. Please call ahead so we can accommodate your group best!



We offer affordable pricing for all of our trampoline times. Check out our party packages and our annual plans for extreme jumping. We also offer a variety of food to make sure your trampoline jumpers are well taken care of!

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