Trampoline Park Dothan

Jump into Axtion

Join the outdoor fun inside!

Are you looking at a new way in Dothan to improve your cardiovascular fitness? Look no further! Axtion Air’s trampolines provide the perfect combination of fun and exercise to keep your heart healthy and your energy level soaring. Our extreme trampolines offer daredevil, acrobats, and serious jumpers the thrill of extreme air action! Added bonuses for exercise are the coordination benefits, increased agility in sports, increased leg strength, balance benefits and of course WEIGHTLOSS! This is the best place in Dothan to jump on indoor trampolines!

Dothan’s Best Climbing Walls

Interested in reaching new heights? Set your sights on our clear wall with a friend or set your own personal record.  Adults and kids alike enjoy over 14 climbing activities on our wall that reaches up to 26 feet! Our very own “Leap of Faith Challenge” offers something a little more adventurous too.

The best part of our climbing wall is it gives you a great, well rounded workout. With those extreme heights, its no wonder your heart rate will soar and help you develop stamina, endurance, and muscle. Climbers must put together intense strength, energy, flexibility, and of course top problem solving skills to tower above the rest. Need to relieve some stress? This is the perfect combination of workout and stress reducing activities. The best part, is kids LOVE it too! Check out our high climbing wall in Dothan today!

Dothan’s Best Rope’s Course

Our intense ropes course offers an action packed adventure. Any daredevil looking to earn their badge of fearlessness would be tested! With our gravity-defying air adventure you’re sure to learn how to properly balance yourself and gain more strength and agility than every before. Get a bird’s eye view of the park on this adventure while you push through the obstacles and win the sweet victory of knowing you aren’t a chicken!

Foam Pit for Dothan

Now, everyone knows you have to enjoy a nice dive into some foam when you’re at a trampoline park. That’s why Axtion Air Trampoline Park offers the best foam pit kids have every seen! Get your flips, twist and other acrobatics in all the while deep diving into the biggest foam pit you’ve ever seen. Best part about it, you get a WORKOUT having FUN!

Slam Dunk in Dothan with Our Jump Shot

You’ve heard of basketball in Dothan right? Well, we took basketball and combined it with our very own intense trampolines! This allows you to practice technique while you soar into the air just like the basketball players do on TV.  Improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength while jumping to new heights and slam dunking like a pro!

Dothan’s Best Dodgeball

Who doesn’t love Dodgeball? At Axtion Air, we incorporated dodgeball into our trampoline park so you can jump and dodge. It’s just that simple! We offer the best trampoline park experience you’ve ever had with our dodgeball!

Top Ninja Course Dothan

Becoming a ninja is like a rite of passage. You have to show that you have what it takes. We provide those aspiring ninjas the best ninja course you can find! Our course helps you improve your balance and coordination as well as your strength! Become an Axtion Air Ninja today in Dothan, Alabama!

Dothan Trampoline Park Programs

Trampoline Action for Children in Dothan, Al

Help your kid build self-esteem, become more active, have better memory and boost confidence by bringing them into Axtion Air. Our kids zone allows you the parent or guardian to sit back and enjoy the atmostphere at Axtion with TV’s, awesome musice, and even food from our cafe.  Let your kids enjoy the fun of jumping on a trampoline at Axtion Air Trampoline Park in Dothan, Alabama.


Neon Nite in Dothan

On Friday and Saturday nights, Axtino Air turns into a sea of Neon where youo wear white and glow for the rest of the night with our special blacklight in the arena. Limited availability so call ahead in Dothan for availability.